The ‘Personal Power Programme’

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The 10-day Personal Power Programme.

A guided movement improvisation programme that brings you home to the heart of your power – you.

Each day you’ll take a short lesson and do a short movement practice. Feel yourself returning to your centre, relighting your fire, recommitting to your personal power.

Not by adding more to your already busy life, but by doing less. Much, much less!

Performers have power.
Audiences watch us, trust us, believe us.
People want to be like us (or at least, like the people they see performing in front of them on stage and screen).
Performers can change how others see the world.
They can make you feel things you’ve never imagined feeling.
They can convince you of ideas and beliefs you’d never considered before.
A performer in her or his full power is mesmerising, exhilarating, life-changing.

It’s not acting or dance technique or any other ‘performance skill’ that makes the difference between a powerful performer and one you can’t be bothered to watch.

It’s presence.

Presence is a superpower.
Presence is YOUR superpower.

You can access it right now.

Presence is not some mysterious aura – it’s technique. 
Techniques can be learned.

If you want to live and share the power you were born with, now is the time to re-learn the techniques of presence and unleash your superpower.

The 10-day Personal Power Programme gives you concise, accessible and simple ways to restructure how you use your body and mind to feel again the power you were born with, and to let your power be seen by the world around you.

Each day you will need to commit around 20 minutes to personal and private practice.
Each day you’ll listen a short class, a short movement practice, and a personal challenge to hold in mind and explore until the next day.
All you will be asking of yourself is 20 minutes of private and personal time each day.
A small investment of time to make big changes in your life.

The 10-day Personal Power Programme brings you back home – back to the power you were born with: the confidence to experiment, the willingness to take risks, the unshakable knowledge that you’re good enough to be exactly who you are.

This is what we’re born with but which life – sometimes so tough and overwhelming – strips away from us. Life can leave us scared, broken and full of self-doubt. We’re always giving to others – audiences, colleagues, students. Many of us work second, third jobs…..

The 10-day Personal Power Programme invites you to give something back to yourself. It helps you put away fears, quieten inner voices, ignore distractions.

When you do that, you’ll find your superpower – presence – is where it’s always been; right here, right now, waiting for you to be exactly who you are.

I’m launching this programme now because it’s a tough time.
We’re tired.
We’re scared.
We’re full of self-doubt.
Now is the time to go inwards to use what we were each born with – the power of our essential humanity.

Whether you want to improve your focus, your mental resilience, your professional effectiveness, your confidence or whether you just want to commit some time to tending and caring for your inner fire, The 10-day Personal Power Programme was created for you.

It will not add another pile of things to your ‘to-do’ list. It will show you how to do less, with more focus, and great effectiveness.

When you buy The 10-day Personal Power Programme you’ll have it for life, able to return to the practices and lessons every time you need to tend to your inner passion and quieten the distractions we all fall victim to…..

I’m passionate about the power presence has to tackle many of the personal struggles we encounter. So I’m sending this programme into the world at the lowest price possible – just £29. I want it out there and I want it doing good for people all over the world.

I’m so confident that what it contains, though simple, is life-changing, that if, after two weeks of trying the Programme, you’re not satisfied, I’ll refund your investment in full. I’ll even cover transaction charges (which means I am prepared to take a loss on every sale), because I believe passionately in what I’m offering here.

Only £29 for 10 lessons, 10 practices, 10 daily tasks AND two bonus downloads to take you deeper into understanding your power (which you get to keep even in the unlikely event of you asking for a refund).

Who is this for?

Everyone can benefit from enhancing their presence and reinforcing their mental health. I’ve specifically focused this programme towards people who like a slightly more active way to connect with their bodymind than simply sitting ona cushion and meditating. It’s focus is about not allowing the world to dim your shining light.

We don’t get to control the world. 

We can control how we live in the world. 

The 10-day Personal Power Programme will remind you to play your role in the world with power, confidence and the sort of charisma that lights up everything and everyone around you.

Now is the time!

Cliick on the button below. You will be sent to The Teach Performance App. There you will need to register and sign up for the Programme you’ve selected