Spring Intensive – Questions

After that, I’m closing this offer.

I’m really excited about the group that’s coming together to train as Fire-makers – lighting fires in the souls of those they teach.

Time is running out to grab your spot on the ‘6-Week Spring ‘Teach Performance’ Intensive’

I’ve had a waterfall of questions in my inbox – so here’s some answers….

If you are still sitting on the fence, here is what you need to know…

👉 When does it start?
✅ We start on the week of February 5th.12 Artist-Teachers will kick off their journey working closely with me to achieve a confident, personal Artist-Teacher Practice – WITHOUT feeling like an imposter.

👉 Who is it for?
✅ The program is specifically designed to put an end to self-doubt and the tendency for Artists to undervalue the vital importance of our work. Its focus is on performers with a physical practice – acting, physical theatre, dance, improvisation, circus etc, though others will clearly benefit too. Last time I ran an intensive I had people from traditional/classical dance, clowns, devisers, someone specialising in applied theatre, contemporary dancers, circus performers, singers, Yoga therapists as well as people with mixed trainings who were still searching for their unique offer.… It’s a course that teaches fundamental principles and each individual will apply those principles to his or her own work in their own way. It’s designed for people who’ve tried running workshops, teaching classes or training peers, and still don’t feel that they’ve really got on top of WHY they are doing what they do. It’s also for Artists who want to add ‘Artist-Teacher’ to their skillset. Perhaps you have ‘great exercises’ you learned from others; perhaps you have approaches you’ve invented yourself, but when someone asks you ‘why are we doing this?’, you struggle to answer and start to doubt yourself. Together we will build robust understandings so that you can teach and promote your work with confidence.
👉 What’s included?
✅ You’ll get 6 weekly modules to guide you through building a sustainable Artist-Teaching Practice, weekly group seminars with me and the other members of the group, membership of a FB group for peer-to-peer support & guidance, cheat sheets of key principles and perspectives to download, worksheets to guide you towards defining and explaining your unique practice, and an ongoing membership of the ‘Fire-makers’ Community’. All of this for the same cost as normally I sell The Teach Performance Programme at with none of the added extras!
👉 How much time do I need?
✅ There will be approximately an hour’s new material to watch each week. In addition there will be a few hours of personal reflective work. There will be a ninety minute seminar each week and I STRONGLY encourage you to interact with other participants in the FB group. It’s a process which requires some time commitment, but not one so overwhelming as to prevent you from getting on with the rest of your life!
👉 What is the learning process?
✅ Each module will combine videos and worksheets. You’ll encounter key perspectives and concepts and then be guided in applying them to your own work and needs. Avenues for further research in key areas will be suggested to you. The combination of ‘teaching’ worksheets, the FB group and the weekly seminars mean this process combines teacher-led instruction, peer-to-peer learning and personal reflective learning – a combination of approaches you’ll be encouraged to develop in your own teaching practice.
👉 How much experience do I need?
✅ You need to have a reasonable sense of what your art-form or performance practice is. Are you an actor? What sort of acting? What style of dance, or improvisation? Do you work with interdisciplinary practices? Does your work draw on meditation or martial arts? Your practice does not have to be fully developed, but it does need to exist! It would be good if you have some experience of teaching/workshop-leading/facilitating – in any context, school, professional, community. If not, then at least you need to have considered why you would want to teach. 
👉 Do I need to be a working artist or teacher?
✅ People at different stages of their careers have different needs and different strengths. That diversity enriches any group. Whether you’re professionally employed as an artist or running workshops at present is not so important. What matters is that you are someone with an Artistic Practice who wants also to teach.
👉 What if I am a qualified teacher?
✅ I have HUGE respect for teachers. If you are currently working as a teacher – in any context – either with or without a formal teaching qualification, and you also have an artistic practice you want to use to enthuse and empower others, then you will benefit from this programme and will make a huge contribution to the Group. 

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Never Apologise for being an Artist!