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Some answers to the questions I’ve been receiving over the last couple of days:

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*What exactly is The Teach Performance Programme?

Teach Performance is an online training programme for anyone who teaches body-based performance skills: theatre, physical theatre, improvisation, dance, circus, acrobatics, martial arts and other skills too. It’s also for people who use performance techniques for therapeutic, community-building or activist purposes.

The Programme looks at the fundamental WHY and HOW of teaching performance – WHY is it important and HOW do we make our teaching serve students? The Programme guides you, through a series of reflective questions, to develop your personal WHY and HOW and develop a unique teaching offer you can deliver – and sell – in full confidence.

What is in the Programme?
The Programme consists of 6 modules – about 40 videos in total – ranging from really big picture ‘What is Education?’, ‘How do people Learn?’, through to more detailed questions – ‘How to design a teaching space’, ‘The pedagogy of an exercise’, ‘Giving feedback’. It also gives an overview of key areas of research that support teaching performance – Flow Theory, Multiple Intelligences, Creativity and others.
Alongside this, I open up questions of self care and career development. The videos are supplemented by reflective questions which ask you to dig deep into what you can already do and how you would like that to grow.

Teach Performance is the distillation of thirty years teaching experience across theatre, dance, improvisation and activism. It’s my offer to other Artist-Teachers who believe passionately in what we do, and want to do it and explain it better.

*How can you create a single programme that covers dance, acting, circus and other performance forms? Aren’t they all different?
Yes they are! The skills are different – but there is much in common between how we teach different performance forms. My own work has seen me teach actors, acrobats, dancers, improvisors, physical performers, musicals and many more. The pedagogies, the way you set up learning experiences, the processes of enabling and giving feedback, the learning journey the student goes through, the application of Flow Theory to exercise-construction, the techniques of developing attention and presence, the relationship between technical and developmental feedback and many other things are connected. The Teach Performance Programme offers understanding of the fundamentals of teaching performance – the very understandings that are essential if you want to move from being ‘just another acting/dance/circus teacher’ to being someone with a unique offer, someone asked for by name and who gets to name your own fee. That’s what I want for all of us.

*How long will it take me to get through The Teach Performance Programme?
You set the pace. You know how you best learn. I recommend a module a week and some reflection time at the end – so about two months! But you’re the boss!

*What is the Fire-Maker’s Community?
The Fire-Maker’s Community is an online community based in the Teach Performance App. It is a place for Artist-Teachers to learn, meet, pose questions and get inspired. Each month members access new training videos that I post, watch interviews with inspiring Artist-Teachers from round the world, explore an archive of existing seminars, ask questions, encounter inspiring and informative articles and interviews. There are also two online conversations each month which Community members are invited to attend and contribute to. You’ll be invited to join the private Fire-Maker’s Facebook group where there can be more free-ranging networking conversations and discussions.

Community members also get priority if I open up places for individual mentorship or run another Intensive Training Programme.

Membership of The Fire-Makers’ Community is by monthly subscription.

*If I buy Teach Performance, is there a time limit on access to the videos?
No, they’re yours for life. And you WILL want to return to them as your understanding and practice continues to deepen and grow. The Teach Performance Programme will become the foundation of understanding that you rely on as your work evolves.

*How much do I pay?
Purchase of The Teach Performance Programme is via a one-off fee which gives you access for life. The cost is £395.00. For first fifteen people to apply I am offering a 20% reduction (saving (£79) and three months three membership of The Fire-Makers’ Community (saving £87). Contact me for details of the Programme and of how to pay.

*Isn’t the Programme a bit expensive?
As a professional workshop-leader with a unique and properly-articulated offer, you can earn more for a single day’s teaching than the entire cost of The Teach Performance Programme. Working for institutions it may take you two days to earn your investment back. In lower-wage areas, perhaps a little longer. However, it’s a small investment to make to build the foundations of a lifetime’s growth and understanding.

*How can I get more information?
You send me a DM or you leave a comment below and I will send you a link to the application

URGENT – as The Teach Performance Programme is just launching I’m offering a significant discount AND three months membership of the FIre-Maker’s Community to the first 15 people who sign up. If you’re interested, contact me NOW!